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Dorota Lipowska - Publications

From Department of Applied Logic

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1. Przegląd metod komputerowej analizy syntaktycznej języka naturalnego. (A Survey of Computational methods of Syntactical Natural Language Analysis.) Working Papers of the Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University, No. 9. 1985. UAM Poznań.

2. Komputerowe przetwarzanie języka naturalnego. (Computational Natural Language Processing.) Nieopublikowana praca przygotowana w ramach projektu rządowego CPBP 08.15 „Logical Structure of Non-formalized Inference”. 1987.

3. Computers in Language Research 2. W.A. Sedelow, S.Y. Sedelow (eds) – review. Lingua Posnaniensis XXVIII. 1987. 200-205.

4. NEWCAT – parser oparty na gramatyce lewostronnie asocjacyjnej. (NEWCAT – the Parser Based on the Left-Associative Grammar.) In: J. Pogonowski (ed) Teoretyczne podstawy semiotyki I. Working Papers of the Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University, No. 18. 1988. UAM Poznań. 14-25.

5. RACH – program generujący schematy składniowe zdań. (RACH – the Program Which Generates Propositional Formula of Sentences.) Working Papers of the Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University, No. 22. 1988. UAM Poznań.

6. Metody komputerowej analizy języka naturalnego. (Methods of Computational Natural Language Analysis.) Nieopublikowana rozprawa doktorska. 1988. UAM Poznań.

7. Zmodyfikowana gramatyka MLA. (The Modified MLA Grammar.) Working Papers of the Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University, No. 42. 1990. UAM Poznań.

8. Reprezentacje semantyczne w komputerowych systemach przetwarzania języka naturalnego. (Semantical Representations in Natural Language Processing.) Working Papers of the Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University, No. 44. 1991. UAM Poznań.

9. Montague Semantics for Left-associative Grammar. In: J. Bańczerowski (ed) The Application of Microcomputers in the Humanities. Seria: Językoznawstwo Komputerowe nr 2. Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM. Poznań. 1991. 48-55.

10. Moments of Random Walk with Fixed End Point. [with A. Lipowski] Physica A 199. 1993. 67-74.

11. Critical Behaviour of spin S antifer­romagnetic Ising model on triangular lattice. [with A. Lipowski, T. Horiguchi] Phys. Rev. Lett. 74. 1995. 3888-3891.

12. Nonequilibrium phase transition in a prey-predator system. [with A. Lipowski] Physica A 276. 2000. 456-464.

13. Traveling Salesman Problem with a Center. [with A. Lipowski] Phys.Rev. E 71. 2005. 067701-1 –067701-4.

14. Molecular dynamics simulations of ballistic annihilation. [with A. Lipowski and A.L. Fereira] Phys. Rev. E 73. 2006. 032102.

15. Long-term evolution of an ecosystem with spontaneous periodicity of mass extinctions. [with A. Lipowski] Theory in Biosciences 125. 2006. 67-77.

16. Cykliczność wielkich wymierań — komputerowe modelowanie ewolucji ekosystemu. [with A. Lipowski] Kosmos 55. 2006. 347-353. (pdf).

17. Heat conduction and diffusion of hard disks in a narrow channel [with A. Lipowski] Phys. Rev. E 75. 2007. 052201-1 - 052201-4.

18. W mnogości siła [with A. Lipowski] Wiedza i Życie 12. 2007. 58-60. (pdf)

19. Bio-linguistic transition and Baldwin effect in an evolutionary naming-game model [with A. Lipowski] Int. Journal of Modern Physics C Vol. 19, No. 3. 2008. 399-407.

20. Computational modeling of evolutionary systems: ecosystems and language. In: M. Lachowicz, J. Miękisz (eds) From Genetics to Mathematics. Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences – vol. 79. World Scientific. Singapore. 2009. 173-210.

21. Slow dynamics in a driven two-lane particle system [with A. Lipowski] Phys.Rev. E 79. 2009. 060102(R)-1 – 060102(R)-4.

22. Language structure in the n-object naming game. [with A. Lipowski] Phys. Rev. E 80. 2009. 056107-1 – 056107-8.

23. To be fluent or not to be (at all) – in the evolutionary naming-game model. In: PLM2010 Book of Abstracts. 41st Poznań Linguistic Meeting PLM2010, 23-26 September 2010, Gniezno, Poland. 30-31. Also available at:

24. Diffusive behavior of a greedy traveling salesman [with A. Lipowski] Phys. Rev. E 83. 2011. 061115-1 – 061115-4.

25. Naming game and computational modelling of language evolution. Computational Methods in Science and Technology 17(1-2). 2011. 41-51.

26. Naming Game and homonymy–synonymy puzzle. In: PLM2011 Book of Abstracts. 42nd Poznań Linguistic Meeting PLM2011, 1-3 May 2011, Poznań, Poland. 37-38.

27. A multi-language state in the naming game on adaptive weighted networks. In: Protolang 2 Book of Abstracts. Protolang 2, 19-21 September 2011, Toruń, Poland. 22-23. Also available at:

28. Roulette-wheel selection via stochastic acceptance. [with A. Lipowski] Physica A 391 (6). 2012. 2193–2196.

29. Statistical mechanics model of angiogenic tumor growth. [with A. L. Ferreira & A. Lipowski] Phys. Rev. E 85. 2012. 010901-1 – 010901-4 (R).

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31. Naming game on adaptive weighted networks. [with A. Lipowski] Artificial Life 18. 2012. 311–323.

32. Gra w nazywanie z preferencyjnym wyborem partnerów. Investigationes Linguisticae XXV - Logiczne Aspekty Języka. 2012. 108-127. Available at

33. How to build a tower of Babel in the naming game? In: PLM2012 Book of Abstracts. 43rd Poznań Linguistic Meeting PLM2012, 23-26 September 2012, Poznań, Poland. 46-47.

34. A communicative community of agents. Lingua Posnaniensis 54(1). 2012. 77-87. Available at

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36. Naming Game as virtual experiment. W: Materiały konferencyjne – Book of Abstracts. Empirical Methods In Language Studies–EMLS 2014. April 7-8, 2014, Łódź. 14-15. Also available at:

37. Emergence of social structures via preferential selection. [with A. Lipowski] In: Proceedings of ICCSA 2014. Fourth International Conference on Complex Systems and Applications. 299-300. June 23-26, 2014, Le Havre, France.

38. Phase transition and fast agreement in the Naming Game with preference for multi-word agents. [with A. Lipowski] Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 8. 2014. P08001.

39. Generic criticality of community structure in random graphs. [with A. Lipowski] Phys. Rev. E 90. 2014. 032815-1 – 032815-7.

40. Jak komunikują się agenty, czyli o grze w nazywanie. W: Materiały konferencyjne – streszczenia wystąpień. JĘZYK, KULTURA, KOMUNIKACJA. 29 września 2014, Opole. 36-37. Also available at:

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48. Emergence of linguistic conventions in multi-agent reinforcement learning [with A. Lipowski] PLoS ONE 13(11): e0208095 (2018).

49. Talking urns, or the emergence of linguistic conventions in a population of agents [with A. Lipowski] In: PLM2018 Book of Abstracts. 48th Poznań Linguistic Meeting “Language and evolution: Issues and perspectives”, 13-15 September 2018, Poznań, Poland. 8-9 (2018).

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52. Linguistic conventions created by reinforcement learning [with A. Lipowski] In: Booklet of Protolang 6. Protolang 6, 9-11 September 2019, Lisbon, Portugal.

Some of my papers can be found here.