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Dorota Lipowska - Curriculum Vitae

From Department of Applied Logic

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Born: 01.01.1958.

MSc: mathematics, 1981, Adam Mickiewicz University (Supervisor: Prof. J. Albrycht) Remez’ approximate methods with linear constraints.

PhD: linguistics, 1988, Adam Mickiewicz University (Supervisor: Prof. Jerzy Pogonowski) Methods of computational language analysis.

Habilitacja: linguistics, 2019, Adam Mickiewicz University, monograph: Computational modelling of language evolution.

Academic Publications: papers on computer natural language processing methods, as well as co-authorship of papers related to computer simulations of certain problems in the field of statistical physics, papers on computer modelling of population dynamics and complex systems, and on the computational modelling of language evolution.

Employment: Chair of Linguistc Methodology (since 2020); formerly: Department of Applied Logic, Institute of Linguistics (1982-2019); Adam Mickiewicz University.

Present Position: university professor at AMU.

Previously: assistant professor.

Classes: Logic, Mathematical logic, Introduction to mathematics, Selected topics of mathematics.

Current interest: Currently: evolutionary linguistics, mainly computer simulations of multi-agent systems using language-game models to study issues related to the emergence and evolution of language, and in particular, with the emergence of language conventions and their coordination in the population depending on the dynamics of the population, the network of connections and the nature of interactions between agents, including their learning and migration. Additionally: computer simulations of complex systems, of population models and some statistical physics problems. Formerly: computational linguistics, in particular methods of syntactic and semantic analysis of natural language, formal grammars, semantic representations.