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Włodzimierz Lapis - Curriculum Vitae

From Department of Applied Logic

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Born: Juni 22 1966.

Włodzimierz Lapis

M.A.: mathematics, 1990, Adam Mickiewicz University (Supervisor: Prof. Michal Karonski) Exact distributions in the random n-cube.

PhD: mathematical linguistics, 1999, Adam Mickiewicz University (Supervisor: Prof. Jerzy Pogonowski) Selected problems of algorithmization and automatization of phonological descriptions.

Academic publications: List of publications (concerning applications of information science to logical foundations of language), a mimeographed textbook on mathematical linguistics, in preparation - a textbook on introduction to mathematics and a couple of articles.

Position: Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Logic.

Previously: Teaching Assistant (to 1999).

Employment: Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University (since 1990).

Classes: mathematical logic, introduction to mathematics, recursive functions, introduction to information science, recent developments in information science, mathematical linguistics.

Current research interest: optimalization procedures in descriptions of sets of objects with a given structure (especially in linguistic domains), applications of tools from information science and discrete mathematics to logical descriptions of language.