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Victoria Kamasa - Curriculum Vitae

From Department of Applied Logic

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Born: May 21, 1982.

M.A.: Linguistics and Science Information, 2006, Adam Mickiewicz University, Genus as social status bearer, Supervisor: prof. Jerzy Pogonowski.

M.A.2: Sociology, 2007, Adam Mickiewicz University; Patrol of scouts. Sociological Study. Supervisor: dr hab. Witold WrzesieĊ„. PhD Thesis:Applied Linguistics, 2010, Adam Mickiewicz University;Definition of situation in language of catholic transition rituals

Additional occupational activities: journalist in local magazine, trainer of leaders.

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Logic, Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University.

Classes: Logic, Statistics, Metodology of linguistics, Introduction to CDA

Current research interest: language of religion, CDA.