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Jerzy Pogonowski - Curriculum Vitae

From Department of Applied Logic

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[[Jerzy Pogonowski - Curriculum Vitae|CV]] | [[Jerzy Pogonowski - Curriculum Vitae|CV]] |
[[Jerzy Pogonowski - Research|Research]] | [[Jerzy Pogonowski - Research|Research]] |
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CV | Research | Publications

Born: November 28, 1951

M.A.: mathematics, 1974, Warsaw University (Supervisor: Prof. Andrzej Mostowski) On generalizations of Ehrenfeucht's games.

PhD: linguistics, 1976, Adam Mickiewicz Univ. (Supervisor: Prof. Jerzy Banczerowski) Mathematical model of linguistic analysis.

Habilschrift: linguistics, 1981, Adam Mickiewicz Univ. Tolerance Spaces with Applications to Linguistics.

Professor: humanities, 1991.

Academic Publications: a few dozens of works concerning mainly logical reconstruction of linguistic theories, applications of mathematical logic to linguistics, history of logic.

Present Position: Head of the Department of Applied Logic, Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University (since 1995).

Previously: Head of the Departments of: General Linguistics (1981-1982), Applied Linguistics and Information Science (1983-1991), Methodology of Linguistics (1991-1995) (all at the Adam Mickiewicz University); Deputy Director of the Institute of Linguistics (1986-1991).

Employment: Department of Mathematical Logic, Institute of Mathematics (1974-75), Institute of Linguistics (since 1975) of the Adam Mickiewicz University.

Additional Employment: Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1977-1978), Chair of Applied Mathematics of the Academy of Economics in Poznan (1993-1994).

Fellowships: Department of Linguistics, SUNY at Buffalo (1978-1979 visiting research scholar, 1990 IREX), Department of German Philology, University of Munich (1983-1984 Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung), Fachbereich Philosophie der Universität Konstanz (2003, Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung).

Classes: mathematical logic, logical semiotics, general and typological linguistics, recursive functions, social communication, introduction to mathematics, methodology of sciences, belief systems.

PhD students: Dorota Lipowska (née Tomczak) (1988), Anna Pietryga (née Luchowska) (1994), Wlodzimierz Lapis (1999), Slawomir Sikora (2000).

Current interest: logical foundations of language and linguistic aspects of logic, argumentation and persuasion, logical analysis of social communication, philosophy of logic and mathematics.